Project Manager

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  • Job Purpose:
    The purpose of the Project Manager role is to protect project revenue for Girtz and, at the same time be the customer advocate within Girtz Industries. In doing so the Project Manager will oversee/monitor the progress and changes in schedule, cost, scope, etc. of the project. The Project Manager will remain in constant contact with the customer and provide internal reports for each project.
    Job Expectations:
    • Proficiently use Microsoft Office package, Microsoft Project and other software packages as necessary (such as applicable ERP and CRM, PDM Works database, Smartsheet, etc.).
    • Effectively communicate via written and verbal forms both within Girtz and to the customer.
    • Use Microsoft Project and/or Smartsheet to plan and document the project timeline throughout the design and production process.
    • Work on multiple projects simultaneously.
    • Manage products throughout life cycle – from pre-launch to customer delivery.
    • Request, compile and report customer feedback utilizing current systems in place.
    • Interact productively with all Girtz departments and the customer.
    Job Tasks
    • Attend pre-launch (internal project kick-off) and launch (Engineering release) meetings.
    • Gather and compile lead times/timelines from contributing groups and report overall lead time to relevant Girtz personnel and the customer.
    • Schedule and facilitate the following meetings: design meetings, customer review meetings/visits, weekly project review meetings with other departments, and post project wrap-up meetings.
    • Prepare agendas, invite relevant meeting participants, report on how the project is proceeding, document meetings and perform other work related to preparing for and conducting meetings.
  • Summarize meeting notes and send to attendees.
    • Track project progress and success. Assess risks and hazards to the success of the project and take appropriate measure for avoidance or mitigation.
    • Maintain project progress Gantt chart. Document changes to schedule via baselines in Microsoft project and/or Smartsheet.
    • Seek out any changes to the original quote and maintain a change order list to ensure Girtz is paid the appropriate amount.
    • Schedule shipping, as necessary.
    • Attend daily production meetings and weekly inter-department planning meetings.
    • Provide weekly status reports to the customer. Reports are to include changes to the schedule, changes in scope of work as compared to original quote, and cost implications. Copy Girtz personnel relevant to the project, including but not limited to Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Inside and Outside Sales, Director of Sales, etc.
    • Provide weekly summary report to the supervising Project Manager.
    • Analyze the efficiently of the project coordination process and modify/adapt for future projects.
    • Develop project summary reports, and review them during the wrap up meeting.
    • Review invoice prior to sending invoice to customer.
    • Maintain all relevant ISO documentation related to the Project Manager position including flow charts, SOPs, etc.
    • Follow company policies and procedures in accordance with company handbook.
    • Present a professional image at all times to peers, customers and suppliers.
    • Perform other related tasks as assigned, including but not limited to:
    o Reviewing quotes
    o Building & sending quotes
    Basic Qualifications:
    • Bachelor’s degree, Engineering preferred
    • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.
    • Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, and project management scheduling software.
    • Ability to manage multiple projects in different phases concurrently, and to interact with all levels of employees and customers throughout the entire process.
    • Ability to work with minimal supervision, both alone and in teams.
    • Ability to grasp big-picture impact of project events to company as a whole.
    • Excellent attention to detail, balanced with ability to prioritize duties appropriately.
    • Positive mental attitude.
    • Reliable and predictable attendance required.


Additional Info:

  • Email:
  • Address: Girtz Industries c/o Colleen Westfall 5262 N. East Shafer Drive Monticello, IN 47960
  • Will Train Applicant(s): YES
  • HR Contact: Colleen Westfall
  • Reports to: Director of Sales

Job Status: Open

Job Type: Full time - on site, Salary

Regions: Monticello, Indiana

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